Mr. Debashis Das (President, IMT Alumni Association)

IMT gives you a new “way of life”, the realization of which often dawns upon us gently.  It is a place wherein every split second spent, moulds you into an individual who is ready to take on whatever life throws at him or her.  IMT gives you the passion and the belief that if you are doing the right thing, go all out for it and walk that extra mile till you succeed.

Wherever we, the alumni or be it current students of IMT send our resume, it will bear the mark of IMT. That is why every IMT-ian needs to be sentient and proud of it, and work tirelessly to uphold the ideals of this great institution. Take the responsibility for your own brand and see the strength of IMT-ians elevated beyond the all boundaries, limited only by our imagination. 

I said this before and I reiterate it again – IMT gives you things that are far beyond just a degree, it gives you a “religion of life”. So, go for the kill and set your benchmark. That’s what IMT has given me and with God’s grace, it will give you the same.

Be proud. Be an "IMTian For Life".