Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay (Director, IMT Ghaziabad)

In the motto of our institute, lie the two important yardsticks of a successful life – growth & leadership. It may be easy to get educated, and even easier to become literate but to grow intellectually and be able to lead a generation, is what requires effort. This is precisely, what we at IMT believe and hence want to create: not just successful businessmen, but leaders for tomorrow.

Since its conception in 1980, the college has witnessed a sea change in to the world in terms of infrastructure, curriculum and pedagogy, but one thing which has remained unchanged, is our commitment entailed with which we work towards a common goal of creating leaders, who would make a difference.

“If your actions inspire others to inspire more, dream more, learn more, do more and become better, you are a leader”.

Having shared the two mantras of life, I hope that this relationship between our alumni and the Institute, blossom into fruits of success for both the alumni and the college. I wish that we keep working hard to adapt to the fast-changing world and keep creating success stories.